Pioneering the intimate live stream with Laura Marling

Words by DICE

When the pandemic hit, it was time to think of a new way to connect to fans. Laura Marling led the way with a live stream that raised the standard for artists everywhere

Laura Marling wanted a way to connect to her fans during a difficult period. She brought the release of her forthcoming album Song For Our Daughter forward to April – but without the traditional route of touring available, how would she be able to create a memorable experience around its release?

A new standard for streaming events

In total, Laura had to cancel 48 global tour dates. That represented more than 25,000 fans who were committed to seeing her live. There was an obvious demand for some kind of event, and live streaming made perfect sense. But it would have to be a high-concept, high-quality stream. 

At the time, Laura’s management company, ATC, were in the process of forming Driift, a company producing live-streamed events with a difference. They were interested in a combination of tech, production and creativity, which made the company a perfect companion for DICE. The solution to Laura’s problem was obvious.

Putting on the perfect event

It was decided that a one-off streaming event was the perfect opportunity to showcase Laura’s new album and to do something for fans missing out on live music. “Laura was mortified about cancelling the tour, so this was more about providing her with a chance to perform to fans. And it worked brilliantly, as she is in her element when it’s just her and her guitar,” says Rick Salmon from ATC and Driift.

An elegant performance from a beautiful location created a visual to match the standard Laura had set with her live performances. Giorgio Testi from Pulse Films directed the show from London’s Union Chapel. Two hour-long performances streamed for US and UK/European audiences respectively, creating exclusive and unmissable events. Fans who had previously purchased tickets to see Laura Marling live were targeted three weeks before the event, giving them an opportunity to make up for losing out on the gigs.



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Fans with known interest in seeing Marling perform

Leading the way

The live stream was exceptionally well-received, garnering praise from The Guardian, IQ magazine, Pollstar and more. It was clear that a benchmark had been set for intimate, beautifully produced live stream experiences. More than 4,000 tickets were sold, representing three times the capacity of the venue the event was streamed from. 

As one of the first high-concept streams on the market, this event set DICE and Driift ahead of the pack in the streaming space. The launch of DICE TV later marked a significant step towards becoming a leader in streaming expertise. If you’re looking to get to grips with live streaming, why wait? We can help you create the best fan experiences in real life and online, too. 

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