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Building the products that are changing the live music industry means a lot of work behind the scenes. We asked some of our Product and Engineering legends to tell us a little more about how they work their magic

Petre Moroca, QA and Support Engineering

DICE is the place to be if you want to explore the A-Z of software development and technical support. We’re involved from when the first words are written on the feature specification to day-to-day upkeep and new patches to these features. 

As part of the quality assurance team, we work within different teams to collaborate with designers, product managers and developers. Together, we create amazing features that our fans and partners get to utilise every day. 

As part of the Support Engineering team, we also work closely with the Client Success and Fan Support teams to help partners and fans with their queries, either by finding quick solutions or working with Product to deliver new features.

Michal Rydlikowski, System Infrastructure

We’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to infrastructure. We migrated to Kubernetes years ago, and now we’re looking into the future. We’re taking our security to a next level right now, implementing the solutions to monitor what happens in our containers and making permissions more granular than in a usual Kubernetes one. 

This is just the beginning of what we have planned in our security roadmap. We didn’t lose low-level knowledge in our journey: we’re successfully running dev Kubernetes on rented dedicated hosts in a Data Centre, which gives us tremendous amounts of CPU and memory. This way, we can be very flexible and we don’t need to justify every single internal tool we want to use.

Greg Lejay, Data Engineering

Although data engineering is usually seen as the internal plumbing in any data driven organisation, it’s more than that for us. As well as making sure we ingest quality data into our analytics platform, we shape, transform and mix our data to provide the best and the most creative experience possible to our fans.

Depending on the project, we work embedded within a squad and this allows us to build strong domain expertise in various aspects of DICE without feeling stuck in a particular function. We also love to build internal tools that make our life easier and enable us to work more creatively and independently.

Felipe Sales, Mobile Engineering 

At DICE, mobile apps have always been at the core of the product we build.

It’s easy to think that the apps are simply a listing of events and a purchase flow, but there’s so much more to it than that. There’s everything from highly AI-catered and dynamic Discovery to multiple different event setups and a powerful social network. Everything we build helps users find events to go to with friends, never miss one from their favourite artists and get out more.

Both Android and iOS codebases are complex and constantly evolving. We’re using the latest technologies and architectural approaches to stay as scalable as possible. Our teams work very collaboratively, ensuring platform parity but more importantly, that everyone has a voice in the product they build.

Pavel Rosputko, Backend Engineering 

While DICE has existed for seven years and technologies get outdated very quickly, we keep an eye on modern technologies and apply them when there’s a business use case. DICE has a large and fast-growing user base, so every feature we release has a profound impact on real people.

Interested in keeping up with product developments at DICE? We’ll be posting updates about all our exciting new features on this blog, so make sure you come back to find out what we've got planned. And if you’re a product expert, we’re always looking for new innovators and we’d love to meet you.

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