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New features: a brand-new purchase flow, our Mailchimp integration and following venues

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As October is the spookiest month of the year, it makes total sense that we’d release some frighteningly good features. Here’s the scoop on what’s new on DICE this month

1. Marketing events just got simpler with our Mailchimp integration

Technology works best when it’s seamless. That’s why integrating the digital tools you use every day is the key to getting things done.

At DICE, we’ve always made it easy for fans to discover events, but we also want to make it as easy as possible for partners to shout about their events and build their databases. So, you can now connect your Mailchimp account to DICE, creating a contact for every fan who’s bought a ticket to one of your events and making sure they get tailored recommendations for new events they’ll love.

With tags that show you where your fans are, what they enjoy and what they’ll be interested in attending, this integration streamlines email marketing and allows you to learn more about your fans. Want to send club night regulars a special offer for early-bird tickets? Or maybe let house fans know about the DJ playing your venue? Create segmented lists to include every fan who’ll be excited about your upcoming shows.

2. Fans can now follow venues

One of the many features that fans love about DICE is being able to follow their favourite artists and get the heads up when they’re performing. Creating this kind of close connection is valuable for artists, and we’ve realised it’s equally valuable for venues, too.

On a venue’s profile, fans can find location details, social media links, pictures of the venues and links to upcoming events. Now, fans can also follow venues to keep up with them more easily. The benefits for fans are pretty obvious: a nudge whenever the next big event at their favourite venue is pretty useful. But what are the benefits for venues?

Well, when fans follow venues on DICE, events from those venues are pushed to the top of their Discovery feeds. They’ll feature more prominently in the New and Upcoming event sections, as well as having their own Billboards in Discovery. That’s better exposure for venues with no extra effort or cost.

Interested in having your own venue profile? If you’re already a DICE partner, talk to your account manager and see what we can do for you.

3. It’s easier than ever to buy tickets on DICE

Buying tickets should be easy. We’ve said that from the start. But there’s always more work to be done to make sure we’re creating the best buying experience for fans. As streaming grew in popularity we wanted a way to help fans understand whether they were buying tickets for a live event or a stream, and that set us on a path to completely redesign our purchase flow.

Now, we’ve got a beautiful new fan journey that’s smoother than ever. Fans have all the information about different ticket types upfront and they can make informed decisions in just a few taps: it’s the same DICE experience, just easier on the eye.

We’ll be back soon for another round-up of all our new features, so stay tuned to find out what we’ve got planned. And if you’re interested in getting access to these great features, you can find out more about becoming a DICE partner.

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